About Us

We are a family business

Experience the power of nature and the well-being that you receive when you connect with it.

Natalia is a chemical engineer and founder of Naturesse.


As a mother, Natalia knows how important well-being is for her home, that is why she looks to nature for the benefits that only nature can give us and she knows that our body and our space deserve more honest, effective products to enhance the day to day.


At Naturesse we develop unique formulas with natural ingredients and essential oils, without artificial preservatives, without parabens and not tested on animals, through processes that ensure the quality and sustainability of the environment.


We have a line of products for personal care, home cleaning and amenities that you can find at Dollarcity or in our online store; and a premium line "Jardín de Eva".


We have our factory in Cali, where we work as a family with the support of our collaborators, who help us offer quality products made with love and high commitment.