Exchange Policies

Naturesse's exchange policy is of an institutional nature, it constitutes a prerogative unilaterally and by mere liberality it grants its clients, additionally and

extra-legal, apart from the rights of consumers and users enshrined in Law 1480 of 2011.

Naturesse reserves the right to make the change, according to the analysis of the conditions of each case.


1. The maximum term to request it is thirty (30) calendar days after the purchase is made.

2. Invoice, proof of purchase or gift certificate (receipt) must be presented.

3. The product must be in the conditions it was received, with its original packaging without uncovering, with the labels, security seals, and have all its parts and / or accessories. No dents, no scratches, no tears, no stains, no malfunction, if it has cellophane it must be in perfect condition, suitable for sale.

4. Products that are faulty due to mishandling by the customer will not be exchanged for any reason.

5. The exchange is made by return voucher or merchandise according to the real value paid for the product, if it is for an item with a higher price, the customer must cancel the excess value. The Voucher has a validity period defined by the company from its issuance, it is a bearer document which has no replacement and can be used in a new purchase.

6. Money refund requests are not accepted.

7. Naturesse will respond to change requests within a maximum term of 15 business days.

8. The right to withdraw your purchase only applies to purchases made through the Virtual Store, and in the events and conditions provided for in Law 1480 of 2011 Article 47, provided that it is exercised during the following five (5) business days at the date of purchase.